Ways to Determine the Needs of Your Customers and Improve Your Services

Ways to Determine the Needs of Your Customers and Improve Your Services

You can expect your customers to feel frustrated when you did not deliver their order on time. They were expecting those items, and they probably needed them on that day. Therefore, your failure to deliver could lose their trust and make them decide to switch to other options. Although people will feel turned off because of what happened, it does not mean you are going to lose them completely. These are some tips to help win their hearts back.

Offer freebies or vouchers

If your customers complained because of what happened, you could appease them by offering vouchers and freebies. With these vouchers, they can get discounts and exclusive deals on their next purchase. Better yet, as soon as your system shows that items have not arrived on time, you should offer the vouchers. Do not wait until you receive complaints before doing so. It shows that you also care about them and you are sorry because of what happened.

Send an email

You can track the items and see where they are. If you know that the order will not arrive on time, you need to email the recipient. Inform the person that there is a slight problem and you are doing everything to fix it. You can offer a new date of arrival, or you can also offer cancellation of the order with free return and full refund. It is better to face these angry customers before they start ranting.

Change your delivery company

If you constantly need to send apology notes to your customers, you might have to change your delivery company. They are not doing their job, and you need a better option. If you are doing the packing and delivering internally, it might be time to outsource. This system might have worked when you were starting the business, and you only received a few orders. As the company grows, it becomes challenging to handle bulk orders. Therefore, it helps to outsource to a packaging company.

Take responsibility

It does not matter what system you use to pack and deliver the orders. Everything is under the umbrella of your company. The responsibility lies with you. Therefore, you need to send an apology letter, which does not blame anyone. Your message needs to highlight your promise to do a better job next time. You can also explain what you are currently doing to achieve this.

Your business is not perfect, and you will experience mistakes along the way. The key is to ensure that you do everything to make it up to your customers. Let them know that you are not brushing aside their concerns. You also need to tell them that you are enhancing your delivery system to match their needs.

Keep track of all the delayed deliveries and check if the problem remains the same even after you have implemented changes. You might have to pause all orders first if things get worse and determine how you can fix the problem. Your competitors might not offer quality products, but if they win on this front, they will most likely succeed.


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