Things to Inform Your Employees about if You Decide to Move to a New Office Space

Things to Inform Your Employees about if You Decide to Move to a New Office Space

Deciding to move to a new office space is a stringent process. You need to determine which of the options would be suitable for your business. If you cannot stay in your current place because it is no longer ideal for your operations, the space is too small, and everyone is not comfortable working there, you need to move to a new office.

Before you do so, you need to process a lot of things. For instance, you need to organise end of tenancy cleaning London companies offer. You want to leave the place like it was when you first moved in. You also need to repair any damage. You need to clear everything with your landlord before deciding that it is time to leave.

Apart from the legal stuff that you need to settle with the landlord, you also need to prepare your employees. It is easy deciding to move to a new place. Some of them might be against your plan.

Offer options

Since you surprise everyone with this decision, you need to provide clear options. For instance, you can offer a salary bump to help with the transportation costs for those who reside near your current office, but far from the place where you are moving to. Employees who do not want to move could opt for resignation and get a financial package that will not leave them hanging. You need to do these things because when you hired these people, they thought that they would be staying in the same place.

Inform them ahead of time

You need to tell your employees the plans months ahead. You do not need to tell them where you are moving to if you are yet to find the place. However, you need to be transparent in telling them that your current lease is about to be over and you are searching for a new place to work. Telling them ahead of time will give them time to prepare for their future.

Explain the moving plan

Moving is quite complicated, and you need a timeline to transition from your old place to the new one smoothly. You might even finish the moving process in a week. You can tell them who will start packing and when the moving will take place. You might also inform them that you are moving the general supplies and equipment first before the specific items owned by the employees. Give them specific dates so that if they cannot comply, they will be responsible for moving without any assistance from the company. Let them know what items they need to carry with them. If there are essential office documents, you need to tell them which of those things they are responsible for.

Once you have told everyone what will happen, it is time to start moving. Hopefully, it will be a seamless transition that will not affect business operations.




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