The Dos and Don’ts for Kids Wearing Jewellery

The Dos and Don’ts for Kids Wearing Jewellery

Jewellery isa great addition to any outfit, even for kids. Letting them wear pieces of jewellery – whether it is a cute necklace, jewelry from childrens artwork or a ring – allows them to express their individuality and character. But unlike adults who can wear any type of jewellery anytime they want, there are things that you should take into consideration when you let your kids wear it.

Remove it at bedtime

Always take off any type of jewellery when you put your child to bed. It can pose a hazard, especially to very young kids. When you let your child wear a necklace to bed, the chances are high that it can choke them. Kids move when asleep, and their necklace can get tangled around their neck, causing choking.

Use sparingly

In theory, you don’t really have to let your child wear any kind of jewellery. But if you must, then use it sparingly. A piece or two should be enough. A single-chain bracelet or necklace will already spice up your child’s outfit; there is no need to add more.

Don’t use at playtime

Playtime is when your child moves the most. They may lose jewellery, and it can be hard for you to find it, especially if there are a lot of kids and toys. Remove it as soon as your child starts playing, either by themselves or with another child. Other kids can also grab your child’s jewellery during play, causing them harm.

Look out for signs of allergies

Not all jewellery materials are appropriate for children’s skin. There may be some metals that your child may be allergic to, without you knowing until you let them wear jewellery. The most common signs to look out for are itching, redness and rashes on or around the area where the jewellery is. As soon as you notice these signs, remove the item at once and use an anti-allergy cream or medication prescribed by your child’s paediatrician.

Avoid elaborate pieces

Children tend to put things in their mouth and letting them wear jewellery that has a lot of loose parts such as charms and pendants will pose a grave danger to them. If they chew on their jewellery, the charms or pendant can detach, and they may swallow them, causing a choking hazard. Elaborate pieces of jewellery can also tangle with each other, and they may break or hurt your child.

Consider their age

Infants and small babies don’t need to wear any jewellery. Skip the bling until at least they become toddlers. Infants don’t have control of their movements yet, and jewellery can hinder them and pose a choking hazard.

It’s so lovely to see children sporting cute jewellery, but you must always exercise caution if you really want them to wear jewellery. Older kids can be more responsible with their jewellery, and you don’t need to look after them all the time. But small kids, they’re another thing altogether.




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