Safety Measures You Can Take to Ensure Your Gas Line is Working Properly

Safety Measures You Can Take to Ensure Your Gas Line is Working Properly

A restaurant or a catering business can be lucrative if you know the ins and outs of the business. One aspect of running such a venture is to ensure the safety of your staff and customers because you are dealing with gas lines and pipes in the performance of your business. You cannot discount the risk of fire when you are handling gas. But you don’t have to worry about any gas-related mishaps if you take steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

Use the services of a professional installer

A commercial gas engineer London offers will ensure that they will install your gas lines – connecting them to your stove, water heater and furnace – according to regulations set forth by the government. They must follow guidelines on installing gas pipes safely and professionally. Do not attempt to do the job on your own to save money. You will end up spending so much more if anything happens afterwards.

Know your flames

A good flame coming from the stove burner is blue. This is true not only on stoves but on other appliances as well. If you notice that the flame is yellow or orange, it may be time to contact your gas company for maintenance.

Be observant

You always have to check the connections and pipes running through your establishment. Does anything look out of place or are there crooked pipes that should not be? Is there rust on the pipes, water stains and build up? This is the time to call your plumber for repairs and maintenance, as neglecting these observations may cause irreparable damage in the future.

Replace parts and accessories regularly

You must replace the filters for your furnace every few months to ensure that the air that comes out of it is adequate, and not contaminated by allergens and dust that can cause respiratory illnesses. You should also ask your plumber or gas supplier to replace rusty pipes or gas valves that are not working correctly.

Submit your establishment to annual inspection

Your business’ furnace, gas lines, vents, and chimneys should always be in top condition. You can ask a professional to inspect your establishment each year to see if everything is in good working order. It is much cheaper to do it regularly than wait for years and incur more expenses because of accumulated damage.

Keep the area tidy

If exposed pipes are running through the establishment, make sure that the area is clear of any obstruction to allow proper ventilation.

Always be fire-ready

Have a fire extinguisher ready and on hand for emergencies. Fire extinguishers can expire, so check them from time to time to make sure that you can still rely on them in the event that you need them.

Keep combustible materials away

You should never store your chemical cleaners and other combustible substance near any gas lines and appliances. That is just calling for disaster. Have a designated storage area for such materials away from any gas source.




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