Mistakes to Avoid in Using a Projector When Doing a Business Presentation

Mistakes to Avoid in Using a Projector When Doing a Business Presentation

It is quite common to use slides these days when making presentations. It is easy for you to be clear with your thoughts when you use slides as visual aids. The people in the room might also not devote their entire attention to you. Hence, you want them to look at the information on the screen. It does not guarantee that your presentation will be successful. These tips will help you avoid making mistakes even when you project the slides on the screen.

Relying on the slides

You can use these slides to give information, but you need to know what to say. You can refer to the slides when you forget some words, but you cannot be reliant on what you are showing. The guide is primarily for the people in the room and not for you. If you did not prepare, you might have a hard time discussing what you wrote on the slides.

Pointing directly at the screen

You are only going to cast a shadow on the screen if you point your finger directly at it. You need to use a laser pointer if possible. Another option is to reduce the information on the screen so that even without pointing at it, the people will know in which part of the discussion you are. You could also play with the transition animations to capture the attention of the audience.

Starting the presentation without checking the equipment

You need to prepare the equipment before entering the room for the presentation. You cannot be there when you are about to start and panic because everything is not yet ready. Apart from the projector, you also need to check if your files are compatible with the computer that you are using. You might also want to buy a projector wall mount so that the projector stays in the same room and you will not worry about the wiring issues when you are going to use it the next time. You know that it will be ready for any presentation.

Looking at the screen

You need to check the information on your computer monitor and not the information projected on the wall. In doing so, you are looking at the people you are talking to. When you keep looking at the wall, it might seem like you do not directly converse with the audience. It also shows that you are not confident enough in delivering your presentation to them. You want them to feel that you know what you are talking about and you do not fear the people inside the room.

You can practice before the presentation what you are going to do. You can record yourself to determine what you could improve so that you will not make the same mistakes in the final presentation. You also need to monitor how you use the projector so that you will remain engaged with the people listening to you.

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