Marble Worktops Are Easy and Cheap to Clean with These Tips

Marble Worktops Are Easy and Cheap to Clean with These Tips

Marble worktops add a luxurious touch to a home. They make the bathroom feel like a suite in a hotel room, while they make the kitchen look like those we see in five-star restaurants. Despite the glamorous feel it gives, marble is relatively easy and inexpensive to clean. You do not need to spend much on cleaning materials since they are available to purchase anywhere. However, there is one important thing that marble needs and that is sealing.

Since marble is a porous material, any kind of liquid will leave stains on its surface. It is a must to have worktops sealed for them to be stain resistant. Natural stones like marble and granite need this step. When purchasing these materials online, check the website to see if installers can seal them.

Marble can be cleaned with dish soap and a soft cloth

These simple materials get the job done and maintain the beauty of marble. Natural stones do not mesh well with acidic cleaners. Marble has calcium carbonate, which is sensitive to acid. Accidents involving this ingredient lead to etches, which eat away at its surface. Homeowners can decide if they want to keep those etches or remove them. Some find that etches give character to their worktops, while others find them a nuisance. But to be on the safe side, try to keep acids away from marble worktops. Some examples are vinegar and lemon, which are common cleaning ingredients. When using DIY solutions, please avoid using these two. Instead, look for special non-abrasive marble cleaners. Do not forget to look at the ingredients list to verify there are little to no acids in it.

Stains on marble have different but affordable approaches

It is important to know the kind of stain on your marble worktop. This will determine your approach in cleaning it, whether you use a poultice or chemical solutions. Oil-based stains can be removed with acetone or a combination of bleach and ammonia. Most food stains can be erased with 12% hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia. Mildew stains disappear with bleach, water, and dishwashing liquid. For ink stains, dark worktops require acetone while light ones need a 20% hydrogen peroxide solution to be spotless. Paint stains either need one of the following: paint thinner, paint remover, or a razor blade for scraping. Difficult stains require a poultice. Like new skin care products, make sure that you do a patch test first on a small, unobtrusive area. Test out the solution to see if it is effective or if it needs tweaking. Wear protective clothing like gloves since you will be handling harsh chemicals.

Scratches on marble are removable using a steel wool pad

This material works well on small scratches and nicks. It is also recommended to remove water spots. That is why it is best to invest in mats, coasters, and trivets to avoid water spots from becoming stains. Preventing damage to marble worktops is a priority to keep them beautiful and highly functional.

With proper care and use, this kind of worktop will last ages. It might still be the worktop that your grandchildren will use years from now.



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