How to Maximise a Small Kitchen Area

How to Maximise a Small Kitchen Area

Working with a small space in your house does not need to be hard. With the right planning and vision, you can still make your dream house into a reality by working with a professional who can help you maximise what little home space you have. The kitchen is one of the areas that should have ample space for the fixtures. It should have enough room for movement – as you will be preparing, cooking and serving your food as well as doing the dishes and keeping food ingredients in it. So how can you take advantage of a small area for the kitchen?

Use vertical storage

The walls are your best friends when it comes to storage. If you have a lot of cooking utensils, pots and pans as well as stocked food, putting up cabinets and cupboards on the walls, under the sink and drawers under the countertop will allow you to keep things in the kitchen without cramping the space.

Get a good-sized countertop

You can customise a granite or a quartz worktop London manufacturers provide by cutting the slabs to your specifications. You don’t have to feel cramped in the kitchen with a massive worktop that is eating up most of the space. You can outfit the countertop with drawers and cabinets for additional storage.

Use cabinet doors

Cabinet doors remain bare in most kitchens. But do you know that you can use them to stack your pot lids and other things? You can put hooks or a slim rack on the doors of the cabinets so you can store a lot more kitchen implements without needing more square footage.

A cutting board that fits over the sink

The sink area is where we put other kitchen appliances, such as the coffeemaker and the toaster oven, as well as some other food ingredients. Buy a chopping board that fits perfectly over the sink, so you don’t have to clear counter space if you need to chop something.

Replace boxes and containers with clear glass jars

Do you have several different kinds of cereal and pasta? Their boxes can be bulky, so invest in different-sized glass jars where you can transfer them. You not only save precious space, but you make your kitchen look more organised with similar containers.

Install a pot and pan rack

If you love cooking and you own a lot of pots and pans and they no longer fit in the cabinets, installing a pot rack above your countertop is a good idea. You can free up more space in the cupboards if you transfer your pots and pans to the rack. Just make sure that they are all clean, so they look presentable.

These kitchen organisation hacks will work for everyone. It is up to you to customise how you want your kitchen to look without compromising the space for your movement. You can look up design ideas on the Internet that you can use for your own kitchen and watch it come to life with your vision.



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