How to Effectively Manage Pain Caused by Arthritis

How to Effectively Manage Pain Caused by Arthritis

Millions of people regardless of age are silently suffering from joint pain which can affect their daily activities and decrease the quality of life. Arthritis is best defined as inflammation of the joints that causes a person to be under a lot of pain and discomfort. When you have arthritis, you can quickly become frustrated and irritable because your movements can become slow and limited. Since there is no cure for arthritis here are some expert tips to help manage this health condition.

Manage your weight

Carrying extra pounds can cause your knees and joints to bear the weight of your entire body making the condition more painful. Doing regular low-impact exercises can help burn more calories that lead to weight loss and also lessens the stiffness in your joints making simple tasks such as walking much more comfortable.

Aside from exercise, it would be best if you also watched your food intake. Stick to a low-fat and high fibre diet. Refrain from eating junk food and taking drinks that are laced with sugar because they are significant contributors to your weight gain. If you are unsure of what to do, then it is best to consult a licensed nutritionist who can help plan your meals.

Take your medications religiously

If you are on drugs, you have to be responsible enough to take them on time. Do not think about quitting your treatment plan to save money because it is only going to make the situation worst. You can also manage your condition by checking out different CBD products UK companies sell which are known to help manage chronic pain within a short period.

Do not forget to nourish your body with at least1000 milligrams worth of vitamin C every day. Ascorbic acid is known to help manage inflammation in your body which is beneficial for people with arthritis.

Prepare a warm bath

Warm baths, in general, can help promote relaxation, but it is also highly recommended for patients that are suffering from either rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. Warm water helps relax the muscles and reduces inflammation providing immediate comfort. You may add either oatmeal or Epsom salts to your bath to maximise its benefits.

Invest in a good pair of shoes

If you have arthritis, you need to have soft and flexible flat shoes for everyday use. Choose shoes and sandals that offer excellent arch support and the right amount of cushioning to keep you comfortable even if you are walking for long periods. Wearing high heels and stilettos is not advisable if you have arthritis because it will put additional pressure on your knees and calves, causing discomfort.

Living with arthritis every day of your life can be disheartening. There are even times when you are unable to work and do simple household chores because the pain is unbearable. However, if you really want to feel better, you should encourage yourself to move around and lead a more active lifestyle. There are numerous treatment options to help manage arthritic pain that you can try on your own.



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