Safety Precautions Commercial Kitchen Workers Should Take

Safety Precautions Commercial Kitchen Workers Should Take

Restaurant kitchens are one of the busiest – and most hazardous – workplaces. Kitchen workers deal with sharp knives, fire, and other potential dangers. They must also ensure the health and well-being of the people that will eat their food by preparing it according to strict health standards. There are several safety precautions that kitchen workers must exercise, not only in food preparation but in overall kitchen operations.

Fire safety

The kitchen has a gas line that provides gas for the stoves. It can also be a hazard if the line has issues such as a leak. Hiring a commercial gas engineer London offers to check the gas line will ensure that you are working in a safe environment. A grease fire can also happen, and water sprinklers may not be enough to put out the fire. Fire extinguishers and sprinklers are a must in any kitchen – commercial or residential.

Equipment guards

Machines such as slicers, mixers and the like pose the most significant hazard in the kitchen. They can trap hands and fingers, which may cause amputation. Placing appropriate guards on these types of equipment will prevent any accidents that can sometimes be fatal.

Hazard signs

Some accidents are due to unidentified risks such as a wet floor. At any given time, a restaurant kitchen will have staff working, and it is unavoidable that they may spill food on the floor. Proper signs – colourful, bright and conspicuous – should always be present to avoid mishaps and accidents.

Occupational safety and health training

Anyone who works under hazardous conditions must have proper occupational safety and health knowledge. Training for occupational safety and health will cover proper food storage, equipment handling and safety and prevention of work-related injuries and stress, among other things. This training should be mandatory for kitchen workers.


Keeping the kitchen – the counters, utensils, cooking implements, floors, etc. clean is a crucial aspect of any restaurant business. This prevents food-related illnesses from improper handling of food ingredients and using dirty utensils. Keeping the kitchen clean is not only beneficial to customers but the workers as well. They have direct contact with unsanitary practices, and they can contract illnesses in a dirty workplace.

Proper ventilation

Any kitchen must have proper ventilation. Since you are dealing with fire, it can rapidly become hot, humid and the heat can become unbearable for staff who are working long hours in this condition. If the hot air in the kitchen only circulates within the room and no fresh air comes in, it can become a health hazard to kitchen workers. Moreover, a hot and humid kitchen can spoil food ingredients quicker than an adequately ventilated one. You don’t want to use spoilt ingredients in your dishes, as it may cause food poisoning for your customers.

You can prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace if everyone follows safety rules and regulations to a T. They are in place for a reason, and kitchen workers who exercise precautions will surely work easier and better in the kitchen.




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